Monday, 15 October 2012

How to do Professional Makeup

You can do a professional makeup by yourself if you know the proper process and techniques. Many times, you fall short of time and money to get your makeup professionally done. In such scenario, it becomes necessary to know how to do professional makeup. For a professional output you should simply know the base and finishing of makeup. That's all it requires! If you wish to do a professional makeup by yourself, then go through the following points and be a professional.

Moisturizing Your Skin

Before starting with applying the makeup, you need to moisturize your skin by blending an oil-free moisturizer all over your face. This will prevent the makeup from breaking and also softens the dry areas. Once the skin is properly moisturized, you can use a facial tissue to eliminate the excess moisturizer. Make sure you apply moisturizer on a clean face.

Apply Foundation

Applying foundation is little tricky. For that right look, you need to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and with texture that complements your skin. There are many types of foundations available that suits many skin types. If you have a drier skin, then you may use liquid foundation. If your skin is oily, you can use powder or cream-based foundations. Make use of damp sponge to blend the foundation perfectly.

Concealer Conceals

Concealers are especially made to hide any kind of flaws and give you a plain appearance. Apply a lighter shade of concealer compared to the shade of your foundation and dot it on blemishes and under eyes for a fresh look. Press the translucent powder to set the foundation on your skin.

Sketch Your Brows

Highlight your eyebrows with the help of eyebrow pencil. The shade of your eyebrow pencil should be darker if your eyebrows are faint and slightly lighter if they are dark. Lining your eyebrows is very important as they frame your face and bring a prominent get up. Shape your eyebrows to define them.

Blush and Lipstick

The shade of blush should suit your skin tone and make your face look lively. Apply blush on the apple of the cheeks in the upward direction towards the eyebrow ends. Lipsticks should be chosen as per the event. Your shade of lipstick should match up a particular event. For regular use, you can apply pinks and browns. Whereas, for special occasions and events, go in for reds and mauves. Shimmers match party looks. Gloss and matte can be used as daily wear.

A Complete Eye Makeup

Apply a soft or neutral shade of eye shadow to give a natural look. Neutral shades include colors like peach, brown, pink and grey. You can apply a darker shade or more of eye shadow if you want a smoky look. However, be careful about over doing it as it can take away attention from your natural features. You need to highlight your features so make a mild use of every cosmetic or makeup product that you use.

Apply a thin or a thick line of eyeliner by limiting it till the end portion or you can even stretch it little bit in the upward direction. Kohl pencil completes the eye makeup. Hence apply brown or black shade of kohl pencil. For highlighting your eyelids, you can either use black or transparent mascara.

Now that you know how to do professional makeup, do not be afraid of experimenting different shades and colors to know which best suit your skin. However, make sure you do not apply too much of makeup.

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